(Gossard, James)  2008 introduction

(Delta Blues x tetra Crystal Blue Persuasion )
TET  28" EM Evergreen emo fr 4 3/4" 3-4 way branching  18-22 buds. Very fertile both ways.

 BLUE DESIRE is a blue daylily with fleshy pink flowers with a large blue eye zone. The wait is over for the much desired blue parent of my blue eyed hybridizing program.The throat is a deep green starburst, which transforms into charcoal, almost an illusion. Several shades of blue are apparent in the eye,10 colors in all. Such can be more or less depending on environmental conditions. Starting at the throat, colors are deep green, yellow, charcoal, light blue, blue, baby blue, deep blue, lavender pink, lavender purple, light maroon, and deep maroon. And if that is not enough it has a small gold edge on petals and a rose pink rim on the sepals. Sepals also carry the pattern, but are hidden in this photo. It has been a tremendous parent for hybridizing for blue dayliles. It is producing better sunfast blue patterned kids than itself. A favorite of  Larry Grace and Ted Petit both of whom guested Blue Desire ( seedling DBCBP #1). In Grace's garden, it was better than pictured and described. Northern hardyness is unknown at this time. Consider it a southern Daylily.  Lots of conversions in Blue Desire such as Tetra  Crystal Blue Persuasion, Tetra Elfin Etching, Tetra Blue Moon Rising, Tetra Janice Brown, Tetra Siloam Virginia Henson and Tetra Priscilla's Smile.  Blue Desire is a break through in blue pattern breeding at the tet level........$35 Double fans

Pollen and pod parents pedigree, from AHS database.

Crystal Blue Persuasion (Salter-E.H., 1996) (James Gossard conversion to tetraplold form)
height 18", bloom 2.75", season M, Rebloom, Evergreen, Diploid, Pale lavender with slate blue pencil edge magenta eyezone and green throat.
(Navy Blues x ( California Blues x ( Elfin Etching x ( Dragon Dreams x Enchanters Spell )

Delta Blues (Stamile, 2001)
height 34", bloom 4.25", season EM, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 35 buds, 5 branches, Cream with gray blue eye above green throat. {[(ETCHED EYES x MYSTICAL RAINBOW) x SHEERWATER BLUES] X TETRA ELFIN ETCHING}

Etched Eyes (Kaskel, 1994)
height 28", bloom 5.5", season E, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Cream yellow with raspberry eyezone. {[PAPER BUTTERFLY x (KATE CARPENTER x sdlg)] X STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN}

Mystical Rainbow (Stamile, 1996)
height 25", bloom 5.5", season EM, Rebloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, Very Fragrant, Pink with rose raspberry charcoal and yellow eyezone above a green throat. (EXOTIC CANDY X RAINBOW EYES)

Sheerwater Blues (Stamile, 2001)
height 25", bloom 4", season E, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Cream with violet blue lavender with red outer ring eye above chartreuse green throat. {[HIDDEN RAINBOW x (WINEBERRY CANDY x sdlg)] X TETRA BLUE MOON RISING}

Blue Moon Rising (Salter-E.H., 1991) (Pat Stamile conversion to tetraplold form)
height 24", bloom 3", season M, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, Pale ivory peach with blue violet eyezone above yellow green throat.

Elfin Etching (Salter-E.H., 1992) (Pat Stamile conversion to tetraplold form)
height 20", bloom 3", season ML, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, Cream with soft lavender violet eyezone above green throat. (ENCHANTER'S SPELL X JANICE BROWN)

Exotic Candy (Stamile, 1995)
height 26", bloom 4.25", season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, Very Fragrant, Light pink with dark red rose eyezone and green throat. (WINEBERRY CANDY X TETRA JANICE BROWN)

Wineberry Candy (Stamile, 1990)
height 22", bloom 4.75", season EM, Dormant, Tetraploid, Fragrant, Orchid with purple eyezone and green throat. (TETRA SILOAM VIRGINIA HENSON X PAPER BUTTERFLY)

Hidden Rainbow (Stamile, 1994)
height 25", bloom 6", season EM, Rebloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, Cream lavender with purple eyezone above deep green throat. (ALWAYS AFTERNOON X TETRA PRISCILLA'S RAINBOW)