(Gossard, James)  2008 introduction

 (tetra Dark Mosaic x tetra Crystal Blue Persuasion)
TET  31" EM Evergreen emo fr 4 1/2" 3-4 way branching  18-22 buds. Fertile both ways.

Flowers of Chaotic are flesh pink with darker rose rim on the sepal edges. A very intense green throat with a blue- purple eye zone. It radiates into multiple colors of blue, purple and maroon, carried on both the petals and sepals. A break though in pattern breeding , conversion on conversion hybridizing. Chaotic brings new genetics to the tet level. I have always seen the pattern , sometimes more and sometimes less. Photo shows about 12 different shades of color in throat and eyezone. A very small gold edge can be seen also on the petals. Plants perform well in our zone 5 garden. Northern hardy induced pattern genetics, very rare .....$75 Double fans SOLD OUT

Pollen and pod parents pedigree, from AHS database.

Dark Mosaic (Salter-E.H., 1996) (James Gossard conversion to tetraplold form)
height 18", bloom 3.5", season EM, Rebloom, Evergreen, Diploid, Purple with patterns of dark purple and white above a green throat.
((Dark Symmetry x ( Unknown x Enchanters Spell x Witches Thimble))

Crystal Blue Persuasion (Salter-E.H., 1996) (James Gossard conversion to tetraplold form)
height 18", bloom 2.75", season M, Rebloom, Evergreen, Diploid, Pale lavender with slate blue pencil edge magenta eyezone and green throat.
(Navy Blues x ( California Blues x ( Elfin Etching x ( Dragon Dreams x Enchanters Spell )