Red Nova        
(Gossard, James)  2013 introduction

(tetra I See Stars) x (Heavenly United We Stand)
Tetraploid 42" Midseason  Dormant emo fr 8.5" 3-5way branching  18-30 buds. Fertile both ways. Rebloomer

Flowers of Red Nova are fire engine red with a darker red eye zone. The throat is very green.  A great daylily coming from my best tetraploid daylily 'Heavenly United We Stand' and my super good diploid 'I See Stars'. Lots of line breeding for red, no wonder the color is so good. Very showy in the garden. A super hybridizing and garden plant.........$35 Double fans

Pollen and pod parents pedigree from AHS database.

Heavenly United We Stand (Gossard, 2009)
height 51", bloom 9", season M, Dormant, Tetraploid, 36 buds, 7 branches, Sun fast blood red above nice green throat. (Red Tailed Hawk × Megatron)

I See Stars (Gossard, 2001) Tetraploid form converted by James Gossard
height 38", bloom 5", season M, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, 26 buds, 4 branches, Unusual Form Crispate, Red self above green throat. (Holly Dancer × Red Rain)

Holly Dancer parents

Holly Dancer (Warrell, 1988)
height 32", bloom 7", season M, Dormant, Diploid, Spider Ratio 4.25:1, Brilliant red spider with green throat. [(STOPLIGHT x MONSEIGNEUR GARNET) X (STOPLIGHT x sdlg)]

Stoplight (CHILDS-F., 1953)
height 36", season MLa, Rebloom, Dormant, Diploid, Spider Ratio 5.10:1, Orange red medium self .

Monseigneur Garnet (Saxton, 1973)
height 38", bloom 5.5", season M, Dormant, Diploid, Deep purple red self with yellow green throat. (((Don Cossock × Roho Grande) × ((War Eagle × Royal Painted Lady) × Roho Grande))

Don Cossock (Saxton, 1967)
height 36", bloom 5", season M, Dormant,, Rose red self.

Roho Grande (Davis-Saxton, 1964)
height 32", bloom 7", season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant, Deep garnet red with ruby shadings and orange throat.

War Eagle (Hall-D.F., 1955)
height 35", season EM, Evergreen, Diploid, Dark red self.

Royal Painted Lady (Russell, 1956)
height 30", season EM, Dormant, Diploid, Velvety copper red.

Red Rain parents

Red Rain (Whitacre, 1988)
height 38", bloom 5.5", season M, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, Spider Ratio 6.00:1, Bright cherry red spider with deep cherry red eyezone and yellow green throat. (Garden Portrait × Red Ribbons)

Red Ribbons (LENINGTON-G., 1964)
height 42", bloom 8", season M, Evergreen, Diploid, Spider Ratio 4.70:1, Red self with greenish yellow throat. (WANDA X MABEL FULLER)

Garden Portrait (Bechtold, 1950)
height 28", season M, Dormant, Diploid, Spider Ratio 7.30:1, YL1: Yellow light self.

Wanda (Vestal, 1955)
height 36", season M, Evergreen, Diploid, Red with cream edges.

Mabel Fuller (Kraus, 1949)
height 36", season MLa, Dormant, Diploid, Spider Ratio 4.60:1, ORM1: Orange red medium self. (J.S. Gayner × ((J.S. Gayner × Gypsy) × (Dominion × Cressida)))

J.S. Gayner (Yeld, 1928)
height 40", season M, Rebloom, Dormant,, Fragrant, OYM1: Orange yellow medium self.

Gypsy (Betscher, 1929)
height 54", season M, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, ORL2: Orange red light with markings, bitone, or polychrome.

Dominion (Stout, 1941)
height 40", season EM, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, ORM2-S: Orange red medium with spot or eyezone.

Cressida (Betscher-Wyman, 1929)
height 36", season EM, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, YOM2-H: Yellow orange medium with halo.